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Building management system

Building management system

Why should you use apartment management solution (BMS)?

The top goal of the Management Boards is to improve the quality of apartment services, the quality of residents’ life and increase the value of the entire area. Apartment service management solutions are one of the effective assistants for management boards to improve competitiveness and win in the race to dominate the market.

What if there are hundreds of apartments and thousands of customers to manage???

Manual apartment management

  • Too much supervision time required
  • Countless costs arise
  • Problems of handling incidents and property damage
  • Managing paper invoices leads to unnecessary financial loss during the collection and calculation process
  • Errors in customer information, no connection between management and residents
    -> a’Apartment solves 90% of the Management Board’s difficulties


The application is composed of a web platform and a mobile application
a’Apartment has an intuitive, lively, easy-to-manage interface that fully meets the needs of the building management board and residents.

Benefits of the Management Board

  • The management board decentralizes authority and controls employee operation history
  • Manage asset information, be reminded of periodic maintenance, and manage depreciated assets
  • Optimize service invoice calculation time with just a few simple steps on the website, manage payment status, and export general reports as required.
  • Quickly update information on residents, customers, and apartment status, convenient for centralized management, synchronizing all customer data to one point.
  • System for accumulating and converting reward points for customers
  • Feedback system, feedback processing prompts, and two-way information exchange between management and residents in a convenient and extremely professional manner
  • Maximum savings in human resources, REDUCTION OF OPERATION COSTS

Benefits for residents

  • Manage all invoices through the a’Apartment app on your phone
  • Interact directly with the building management board, receive electronic notifications and directly report issues such as repair, cleaning… monitor the progress of handling feedback through the a’Apartment app
  • Proactively set schedules to use internal facilities and external services

Building management system