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Server system

1. Data Center

Being a dedicated space in a building used to house computer systems and related components, such as telecommunications systems and storage systems. This is for purposes of storage and operation and security under special environmental conditions.

Data Center is also a place designed and built to specific standards to ensure the safety and availability of the systems placed inside. A fully Smart Data Center infrastructure solution will bring customers benefits such as:

  • Centralized data management system
  • Meet the explosion of data
  • The system is always supervised
  • High redundancy, high responsiveness in a continuously operating environment
  • Easy to develop and upgrade
  • Easy administration, get alerts from the incident location
  • Balance the development of the company and the investment in the IT system

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2. Choosing the suitable service

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To choose the high quality service unit for hiring server place, you need to understand how to assess A Data Center:

  • Having stable power system, ensure to have a backup system for uninterrupted power system
  • Having good safety and security systems, with surveillance camera 24/24
  • Having lightning protection system, fire protection system and cooling system being standard, helping the server to always work well

3. Requirements to build a fully Data Center infrastructure digitization

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To evaluate whether the data centers are really good, first of all, the Data Center system must be evaluated based on 4 levels according to the international standards of the ANSI/TIA-942 scale (TIA: Telecommunications Industry Association). The construction of the Data Center system needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The power source for the data center needs to ensure in order to the system could be operate continuously, avoiding any electrical problems. It is necessary to provide additional backup power for the data center such as: UPS and backup generator.
  • The air conditioning system needs to use the right type. Ensure the temperature inside the data center is stable, limiting the failure of equipment.
  • Data Center must be provided with a fire protection system, using clean gas for the server, network and central control room. Using doors and windows with high heat resistance for a long time.
  • The raised floor system (optional) is designed flat so that the equipment above does not tilt, to withstand the load of the informatics equipment placed on it. In addition, the floor is also used to cover the power and network cables below to create an aesthetic view for the center.
  • Security systems (Access Control and Camera) for the data center will use card readers or biometrics to enhance security. CCTV system can use IP camera / Analog camera to observe all activities inside the Data Center.
  • Lighting system should be installed according to standards. Provide adequate lighting to in case of emergency, improve work efficiency for operators.
  • Regular monitoring of Data Center activities can prevent even the smallest problems. Avoid affecting the entire system of the Data Center.
  • Besides, digitizing Data Center infrastructure needs to satisfy: scalability & development; energy saving (Data Center Green); Compatible with many equipment of many manufacturers. The system is always tested before deployment to avoid downtime, always monitored and warned before problems occur.

4. What are the components inside the Data Center?

  • Facilities: The first component needing to mention when it comes to Data Centers is the space to setup servers. What is the criterion of the space inside the Data Center? It is necessary to make sure it is clean and safe
  • Other equipment to maintain and operate components inside the data center: Power source must be supplied continuously, equipped with air conditioners, ventilation systems, fire protection systems, and heating systems heating and exhaust…
  • IT tools and equipment to help support data storage and other information technology-related tasks for businesses
  • Employees operate, manage and monitor all operations of equipment and infrastructure within the data center. You probably already know what the importance of the operator inside the Data Center is, right? Data centers are required to have observers to make sure everything is running properly and smoothly.

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Server system